Student youth were told about the priorities of the President’s Address

On 31 January 2018, in the Assembly hall of the main building of KSTU was held a Student Forum to discuss the new Address of the President of RK N.A. Nazarbayev “New possibilities of development in the fourth industrial revolution”, which brought together 350 students and heads of academic groups, deputy deans of the faculties.

Opening the meeting First Deputy Chairman of Karaganda regional branch “Nur Otan” Kadisha Ospanova said: “In the Address of the Head of state noted the specific tasks that will enable us to reach a new level of realization of the goals “Plan of the nation – 100 concrete steps”, “Third modernization of Kazakhstan”, “Industrialization Programme”, programme “Digital Kazakhstan”, etc.

She emphasized that the country has all opportunities to implement these tasks. However, it is important that young people actively participate in, learn new technologies, eager for new knowledge and were active.

Also Director of KF Halyk Bank Gulnara Ratayeva, Deputy chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Aliya Zeirdenova, the representative of “Zhilstroysberbank” JSC Asel Rakhimberlina, head of the Department of housing relations of Karaganda akimat  Salzhan Balaubaev and students of KSTU participated in the forum. In their speeches, the speakers informed the students of the University about the arrangements for housing, opportunities for participation in the state programme  “Nurly zher”, refinancing loans nprogrammes.

A student of KSTU Ilyas Smailov told that our University in partnership with the National holding “ZERDE” and employers have developed a model of applied baccalaureate of the manufacturing direction on the example of major “Computers and software” which includes 8-month internship at the leading enterprises of IT-industry of Kazakhstan.

To solve the tasks of the Address on increase of efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure , there is specialist training in major “Logistics” by new scientific-practical direction in order to improve transportation and development of transport and logistics complexes in Central Kazakhstan.

The fifth section of the Address “Introduction of modern technologies in the construction and utilities sector” is of great interest for our University. In this connection, elective disciplines of “Information design and simulation in construction” have been already included in the framework of University component  for the specialty “Construction” which will allow the students of civil engineering to study modern information BIM technologies in design.