From 9 to 20 January, a traditional sports contest «Cheerfulness and health – 2017» among the faculty and staff was held for the Cup of rector of the educational institution.

Sports contest was conducted with the aim of implementation of the Law of RK «On physical culture and sport» and is aimed to facilitate the promotion of healthy lifestyle by means of physical culture and sport among the faculty and staff and the systematic physical training and sports.
The competition was held in six sports: table tennis, volleyball, togyzkumalak, football, presidential all-round and chess.

One of the main organizers of the event – Director of sport club of KSTU Sergey Nikolayevich Kunakh works at university since 1980. After working for twelve years as a teacher, senior lecturer and in 1992, he was appointed Director of the sports club of the university.

The sports contest «Cheerfulness and health» was in the 80s – Sergey Nikolayevich said. – It is traditionally held every year in vacation time for staff and teachers. Its main objective is firstly, the improvement of health of our faculty and staff, and secondly, to involve them in regular exercise and sports. There are health groups in volleyball, football, table tennis, a gym, a small gym for women at university. There is a sports complex where our faculty and staff can exercise regularly.

We all know that there is a task set by President of RK Nursultan Nazarbayev on attracting 30% of the population to a systematic sport activities. According to the Director of sport club of KSTU it is necessary to conduct more mass sports events for this purpose.

– Earlier, it has been easier to group staff teams in various sports. It is difficult, not all faculties can complete team. Unfortunately, it’s only about 15-17 percent of our teachers who regularly go in for sports. Students even less do it. Every year, the contingent comes weaker. We lose sports as skiing, swimming. Our sports complex is one of the best among the universities of the country. It may take more than 300 people. Usually they go one by one, first the students, then 15 teams. There are commercial groups on work with the population that return interest 4 million KZT per year, – said S.N. Kunakh said.

January 20, after the final football game between the teams of KazMIRR and FEM, where the team of Economic faculty defeated the rival with the score 4:3 in a bitter struggle on penalties, the rector of KSTU Marat Kenesovich Ibatov spoke a congratulatory speech.

Following the results of competitions in an all-team competition, the first place was won by the team of Mining Department. The second and third places were awarded, respectively, to the teams of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management and Architecture and Construction Faculty. The winners became the following teams: table tennis, volleyball, chess – Mining Department, all-round and football – Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, togyzkumalak – Machine Engineering Faculty.

Winners of the Sport contest were awarded with Cups of the rector of the University, certificates and cash prizes from the primary trade union organization of KSTU.