Training of the teachers participating in realization of  SPIID-2:

– Senior lecturer Salkeeva A. K. – Euroasian national university of L. N. Gumilev; Scientific and methodical center “ZIAT” (Astana);

– Senior lecturer Syzdykov A. K. – «Machine Works №1» (Karaganda);

– Senior lecturer Kuznetsova Yu. A. – «KMP im. Parkhomenko» (Karaganda);

– The senior lecturer Kopbalina, the teacher Turebayeva G. B. – «Logos» (Almaty).

Planned schedule

passings of training of teachers of department of physics at the SPIID-2 enterprises during the period

from 25.08.2016 till 25.12.2016

Enterprise Project


Types of works name


«World of glass» Production of energy saving structural materials and products on the basis of a cullet Acquaintance to the measuring technique of heat-insulating and conducting properties of new energy saving technologies. Development of the new educational laboratory stand Syzdykov A. K. 15.09.2016-15.10.2016
«Karaganda machine-building consortium» Perfecting of productions technology of the power hydraulic equipment Acquaintance with the modern (Germany, Poland) a hydraulic equipment for the purpose of use for development of the application “Universal hydraulic press” Smirnov Yu.М. 15.10.2016-15.11.2016
 «Ekostroyservice» Manufacturing techniques of structural materials and products with the given physicomechanical properties Introduction in the used technologies of a method of the continuous monitoring of heat conductivity of new structural products agrees the innovative patent “The Device for Expeditious Definition of Heat Conductivity of Structural Products”, collateral with KARGTU Mazhenov N.А. 15.11.2016-15.12.2016