Специальности магистратуры и докторантуры PhD

Specialty code Specialty name
1 6М012000 Professional training
2 6М050600 Economics
3 6М051000 Governmental and local management
4 6М070200 1) Automation and conntrol
2) Automation and control, SPIID Academic programme «Robotics. Management systems»
3) Automation and control, SPIID Academic programme «Innovative technologies of welding production in the mining industry»
5 6М070300 Information systems
6 6М070400 Computer science and software
7 6М0706006D070600 Geology and exploration of mineral deposits
8 6М0707006D070700 Mining
9 6М0709006D070900 1) Мetallurgy
2) Metallurgy, SPIID Academic programme «Nanotechnology in metallurgy»
3) Мetallurgy, Academic programme Academic programme «Innovative technologies in the mining industry. Geotecnics»
10 6М071000 Materials science and new materials technology
11 6М071100 Geodesy
12 6М0712006D071200 Mechanical engineering
13 6М0713006D071300 Transport, transport technique and technologies
14 6М071600 Instrument engineering
15 6М071700 Heat power engineering
16 6М0718006D071800 Power engineering
17 6М072100 Chemical technology of organic substances
18 6М072400 Technological machines and equipment
19 6М0729006D072900 Construction
20 6М0730006D073000 Production of construction materials, products and structures
21 6М073100 Safety and environmental protection
22 6М073200 Standardization and certification (by areas)
23 6М074100 Cartography
24 6М074700 Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of MD
25 6М074900 Mine surveying
26 6М075000 Metrology
27 6М090100 Organization of transportations, traffic and transport operation