September 1 in KSTU

September 1, 2015 on the square in front of the Main building of the University was held a festive event dedicated to the Day of Knowledge.

The celebration was attended by: Rektor of KSTU Gazaliev A.M.,          the first Vice-rector A. Z. Issagulov, Vice-rector on Educational and methodical work Yegorov V.V., invited guests: Ospanova K.B.,       Deputy Chairman of the KB of the party “Nur Otan”; Samoiluk  T.F., the head of trade Union of workers of education and science of the Karaganda region; groupmates of the President of RK Sarekenov K.Z.,Omashev K.O., Toleubayev E.Y.;  Drizhd N.A., twice laureate of the State prize, the Chairman of the Disciplinary Council of the University, Professor; Dedurenko A.I., The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC “Karagandanerud”; Akbayev T. A., member of the Supervisory Board of the University, the President of JSC “Shubarkol Komir”; Togaibaev K. B., Chairman of the Board of Elders of the University; representatives of the Corporate University and the alumni Club and  the members of the Council of Elders.

At the beginning of the event, the Rector of the University and invited guests laid flowers to the monument of the founder of our University Abilkas Saginovich Saginov.

After the congratulatory speech by the rector of the University, academician of the National Academy of Sciences, laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.M.Gazaliev awarded the medal “Kazakstan of konstitutziasyna 20 zhyl”  the knight of the orders of Lenin and Red banner of Labour, twice Laureate of State prizes, a complete gentleman to sign “miner’s glory”, Professor, honored miner of Kazakhstan, honorary citizen of the cities of Karaganda and Shakhtinsk, Saran, the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board of KSTU – Drizhd Nikolai Alexandrovich.

 After the presentation began with a welcome speech Drizhd Nikolai Alexandrovich, Ospanova Kadisha Bazarbayevna, Samoiliuk Tatyana Filippovna, Sarkenov Kabidolla Zulkashevich,  Omasjev Kuanysh Omashevich, Toleubayev Yermek Ibrailovich, Akbayev Tolegen Ashikbayevich, Dedurenko Aleksei Ivanovich.

By decision  of The Academic Council of Karaganda State Technical University  (Protocol №8 from 25.06.2015 ) the rector of the University A.M. Gazaliev has awarded an honorary student of KSTU: head of production of Non-standard Equipment of Mechanization LLP “Kurulus Met”- Muratbekov Maksat Sakenovich and  and chief engineer of the Karaganda machine-building plant named after  Parkhomenko – Tverdokhlebov Nikolai Ivanovich,  and the badge of  “Miner’s glory” of the First degree: Akhmetzhanov Bura Akhmetzhanovich – head of the Department “Economics of enterprise”, doctor of Economics, Professor; Obuhov Yuri Dmitrievich – candidate of economic Sciences, Professor of the Department “Industrial ecology and chemistry”; Kamarov Rymgali Kumashevich –k.t.s., Professor of the Department “Development of mineral deposits”  and the badge “Miner’s glory” of the II degree was awarded to: Isabek Tuyak Kopeiuly– head of the Department “Development of mineral deposits”, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor; Kyzyrov Kairulla Beisenbayevich – к.t.s, Professor of the departament “Energetika”.

Upon the completion of the introductory words and awards were invited to the stage to award packages freshmen holders of the badge “Altyn Belgi”: sirazeva Dinara Ruslanovna on specialty “Socio-cultural service”; Zhandildina Marzhan Darkhanovna  in the specialty “Biotechnology”; Kali Meirlan on specialty “Automation and control” and Akhmet Aliz on specialty “Radio engineering electronics and telecommunications” and winners of International competitions: Masobayev Akbota Hayrullaevna on specialty “Assessment”; Beksultanov Alisher Madiuly on specialty “Information security System”; Kuwardin Maxim Vyacheslavovich on  specialty “Information security Systems” and  Nurzhanov Nurbek Aitbaevich on  specialty “Heat power Engineering”.

After the official part was held a festive concert organized by the students of the University.

After the end of the concert all freshmen were invited to the Assembly lecture of the University Rector, academician of  NAS  RK, laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gazaliyev Arstan Maulenovich on the theme on “The training of qualified personnel as a factor of securing industrial development of the country”  .

At 11.00 took place a  flashmob “Plan for the nation – 100 steps for the implementation of five industrial reforms of  President Nursultan Nazarbayev”. The number of participants was 210 students, most of whom were activists of the student Union “Zhas Orda”.

After this, in the auditorium of the University more than 130 first-year students of the specialty “Metallurgy” listened to a lecture by a fellow student of First President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev, Kazakh scientist, Metallurgist, Professor, doctor of technical Sciences, laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology Sarekenov K.Z. on the topic: “Computer modeling of blast furnace”.
In the framework of the lecture was held presentation of new book “Computer modeling of blast furnace”. It outlines the algorithm of the program of complex calculation of technical indicators of blast furnace smelting by method of professor A. N. Ramma for personal computers in the language “Visual Basic 6.0”, listed forms of source and intermediate data, outcomes, and the test case. On the basis of our own theoretical and experimental studies of methods of calculation of physical properties of slag and blast furnace performance.
There are given some reference materials for the calculations.
The publication is intended for technologists and researchers of ferrous metallurgy, programmers, and students of the respective universities.
The authors are A. M. Gazaliev, rector of KSTU, academician of NAS RK, K. Z. Sarekenov, classmate of First President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev, Kazakh scientist, Metallurgist, Professor, doctor of technical Sciences, laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science and technology, A. A. Akberdin, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, laureate of the State prize of RK, member of the Kazakhstan national Academy of natural Sciences, U. K. Konurov, candidate of technical Sciences.