Round table on theme “Message of the First President of RK N.A. Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s experience for the future development of the country”

February 16, a round table dedicated to the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev on the issues of redistribution of powers between the branches of government and the President’s message to the nation on the eve of a new era “Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness” was held in the 1st building of KSTU. The event was organized by Department of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of KSTU.

The round table was attended by leading experts in the field of political science of the major universities in the region. The main motive of the meeting was the importance of parliamentary reform as a big step in the evolution of the democratic system of our country.

The main theses of the presidential address to the nation were considered, especially those relating to education and technological development.

The moderator of the evening was Assem Serikovna Sagatova – head of the Department of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. The reports were read by: Director of Karaganda Regional Branch PF “Congress of political scientists”, senior researcher of KEU Kazpotrebsoyuz, Candidate of Historical Sciences Yesset Zhemissbekovich Yessengarayev; Candidate of Historical Sciences, professor of O.A.Baykonurov Zhezkazgan State University Turganbek Kaipnazarovich Allaniyazov; master of philosophy, senior lecturer of the Department of philosophy and cultural theory of E.A. Buketov KSU Pavel Petrovich Soloschenko; sociologist of the Department of Religious Affairs of Karaganda region, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, associate Professor of political science and sociology of E. A. Buketov KSU Anzhela Albanovna Inzhigolyan.

In his report, Director of Karaganda branch PF “Congress of political scientists” Yesset Yessengarayev noted the importance of preservation of internal culture to participate in the modernization of our country. “Each of us is unique and our main task is to preserve this uniqueness and develop it for the good of our country”, – scientist said.

Senior lecturer of Philosophy and Cultural Theory Deaprtment of E.A. Buketov KSU Pavel Soloschenko pointed out that “progressive development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is possible through the understanding leadership of the necessity and importance of human development as the key modalities of modern modernization projects.”

Sociologist of Department of Religious Affairs of Karaganda region Anzhela Inzhigolyan comprehensively and profoundly expounded in her speech the issues of improving the efficiency of the branches of state power in the conditions of a new stage of modernization.

KSTU press-service