Reviews of employers, graduates and Letter of Appreciation

Review and letter of appreciation on Akimbekov A.

Reviewed on Antaev Z.P. – LLP ALS-Kazlab

Reviewed on Buribaev M.E.-OPK-LLP-Kazahmys

Reviewed on Dosmagambetova A.ZH.-LLP-ALS-Kazlab

Reviewed on Kenzhebekova E.S.-LLP-Silicon-mining

Reviewed on Momynbekova-A.D.-CHMI-ZH.Abisheva

Reviewed on SHajke-ZH.A.-ChMI.Abisheva

Letter of Appreciation-The International Energy Centre PRO-ECO

Reviews of KSTU graduates from the Department of Industrial ecology and chemistry

Opinion about KSTU with Tomsk State University