Results of diploma works defense on the winter examinational session of 2015 – 2016 l. y.


35 students of groups BZhD-12u, KazBZhD-12u, KazBZhD-13zVV, BZhD-13-zVV of faculty of distant education defended diploma works according to graph confirmed by Rector of KSTU.
Examination commission established following:
As result of defense 27 works have “excellent”, 8 works have “good” marks.
Quality of defended diploma works is good. The best works are diploma works prepared under authority of senior teacher Baytuganova M.O. (Ibragimova A. – BZhD-13-zVV), professor Harkovsky V.S. (Utebayev B.B. – BZhD-12u).
Themes of diploma works coincide to modern condition of science, technology, industry.