Results of the international seminar

On 21 February, Department “Foreign languages” held an international seminar on implementation of the Multilingual Education Concept of KSTU for 2017-2020 and Roadmap for the implementation of Nazarbayev University experience for higher education teachers and subject teachers of the schools in Karaganda on theme “Problems and prospects of multilingual education”.
The participants of the seminar were teachers of the leading schools of the city and teachers of higher educational institutions of Karaganda as well.
The problems and prospects of multilingual education of higher and secondary schools, the exchange of experience, practical skills and abilities in the field of methods of teaching special subjects in English were discussed on seminar. Much attention was paid to the latest advanced technologies in CLIL methodology (subject-language integrated training) in the process of teaching special subjects in English.
Invited foreign experts, such as professor of the Education School of Nazarbayev University Bridget Goodman shared her experience, innovative ideas and proposals in the development of multilingual education in Kazakhstan. Biology teacher Philipa Shulleri of Nazarbayev Intellectual school told and showed concrete examples of how CLIL technologies can be effectively used in the classroom not only biology, but also in the teaching of other subjects at schools. Lecturer of the Department of Foreign languages of KSTU, participant of English Language Fellow Program of the U.S. Embassy Ben Taylor, spoke about the latest online resources lecturers and teachers can use in preparation for classes on the CLIL methodology.
The seminar was held in English, which served as a good practice for school teachers and teachers of universities, conducting classes in English. The atmosphere of the seminar was warm and inviting. A lot of questions and a lot of group tasks have been done for better understanding and use of CLIL methodology in their future work.
We hope this seminar was a means of obtaining new information about the best practices of foreign universities and ideas for further development.