PLAN of ITEA scientific Seminar in the 2016-2017 academic year

Topics of the seminar Responsible



Choice of optimal parameters hydrodynamic heaters tubular reactor that converts electrical energy into heat Kalinin AA September 2016
Development of innovative and knowledge-based technology cargo transportation conveyor belt Akashev ZT


Study of electromagnetic transients during short circuits in units of electrical loads Balandin VS October 2016
About the EUR as in physics, created at the Department of Son TE


Study of nonlinear DC electric mining machinery with power thyristor converters Em GA November 2016
Development and implementation of repeater mobile communication systems for the mining and metallurgical industry Mishchenko VI


Research and validation of the energy use of methane gas under the Karaganda coal basin Taranov AV December 2016
Improved methods of conducting laboratory studies for bachelors Murashova ZF


Adaptive stabilization system speed four quadrant DC drive for mining machines Deutch LI February 2017
The development of television and communications monitoring lining in the trunk Alimov MS


Study parameters and operating modes skip pnevmopodemnyh installations Nikolaev YA March 2017
Ways to improve students’ independent work Mazhenov NA


Results Intercollegiate Student Conference Kaverin V. April 2017
Development of knowledge-based nanotechnology producing artificial rare earth and other elements Akashev ZT


Improving modes fixed installations V. Likhachev May 2017
Cooperation with the Department of Physics of Russian universities within the movement “Physics and Education” Kurochkin TN


Reports undergraduates, graduate students and applicants Dissertators, heads of dissertators June 2017
Development of universal patterns of distribution on the principle of Fermat ‘s theorem large and the feasibility of its methodology in the educational system Akashev ZT