Karaganda State Technical University invites everybody to take part in the Fair «GRADUATE 2013» to be held December 7, 2012 at 11 am in an assembly hall.

December 4, 2012 at 116 auditorium of main building KSTU had a meeting with professor of «Semiconductor Electronics» of the National Research Institute of MEI, who gave a lecture to students, master students and teachers on theme «Photovoltaic converters of solar energy based on disordered semiconductors».

For active participation in social and political life of the region and a personal work contribution to the building a new society of Kazakhstan, the head of the department «Physics» Smirnov Yu.M. awarded by Akim’s a certificate of Karaganda region.

Head of the department Smirnov Yu.M. and docent Mazhenov N. A. were trained and received international certificates «Technology Comercialization according to the commerrcialization methodology developed by inno Group AG».

November 7, 2012 was the visit of head of the department of Power supply systems of enterprises, the Faculty of Energy, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – Sekretarev Yuriy Anatolievich. For undergraduate and graduate students was held lecture on the theme «The reliability of power supply».

29.09. 2012 will be the regional work day. All are invited to participate in cleaning up the city.

Department of  CT won the grant for innovative design. Priority – energy, direction – renewable. The amount of funding 10 million a year.

July 4, 2012 at 13:00 in the Cultural Palace of Youth (CPY) will host the presentation of diplomas to graduates of the Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation.

Department of Energy 10 teachers have been trained in the Karaganda State University of E.A. Buketov.

In the period from July 1 to July 10of 2012 the entrance examinations will be held at the Institute of Energy National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University for graduate students KSTU of majors 5B071800 “Power Engineering” and 5B070200 “Automation and Control”. Specialty in TPU – “Power and Electrical Engineering”. For questions contact the chair of APP to Professor Feshin B.N.

With 18.06.2012 on 29.06.2012 arrived the doctor, a Professor at the University of Hong Kong. There for the reading of the cycle of lectures on for PPP, students, undergraduates of the Department of TSC, participation in the international conference «Science and education – the leading factor of the strategy «Kazakhstan-2030».

For active participation in the work of the exhibition in Tashkent through introduction of new energy technologies 2012 awarded with the certificate of the senior lecturer of the Department of TSC Eyrih V.I.

In accordance with Order 510 of 13.06.12 “On preparation for the 2012-13 school year” in the departments of the Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation is checking the readiness of teaching methods and research documentation, training and laboratory facilities, etc. for the new 2012-2013 school year.

Chairman: Sharaya O.

Teachers and students of the Department of TCC of the first and second year degree RET uchuvstvovali in the open championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on sports radio direction-finding in 2012 that took place in June Shchuchinsk of 01-03.06.2012. Second-year student Serik Medet took second place prize in the range of 145 MHz in the M19 group. The command is also a second place.

17.05.2012 the Department of Energy signed an agreement on the basis of the practice of LLP “Karaganda Energoremont”.

16.05.2012 Department of Energy signed an agreement to base the practice of LLP “ProlyuksKZ” N.Abtom, chairman of the Business Association of Karaganda.

15.05.2012 on faculty developed TSS project for the introduction of an electric heating system housing the vacuum energy-efficient heat sink with an effective coolant for reducing energy consumption for space heating.

The authors of the project: Mehdiyev A.D, Kim P.M, Zhumataev B.K, Yugai V.V. Zhamlihanova Y.S.

14.05.2012 at the Department of Energy has received an invitation for students 3-4 courses for an internship in the Sokolov-Sarbaisky ore-dressing production association, Kostanay (

12.05.2012 Head of Department Professor Smirn6ov JM and Professor BM Kenzhin participated in the international scientific-practical conference “The physico-chemical processes and technology of metallurgical silicon.”

10.05.2012 On faculty introduced an innovative TSC modular computerized stand that meets the requirements of current specialist training University.

05.05.2012 Department of Energy, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Nikolai Y. (brief bio) celebrated its 75th anniversary. The staff of the department and the Institute warmly congratulates the celebrant and wishes him further success.

Student of the group RET-08-4 specialty RET, Zhanapin Arman participated in the competitive project “Ergonomics” and was marked by the organizers for the original idea.

25.04.12 in TOO «Ergonomics» in the competition «Ergonomics of the future» were participate students of the speciality RET and were  wentto the finals.

in competition «The use ofsolarpowerforthe basestationsof cellular» were participate students of group RET-10-3 Proskurekova A. and Marchenko A. with report «Ergonomics of the future» the same way with report «Protector 2012» were participate students of group RET-10-3 Mahmutova S. and Bekpaeva D.

in the competition «Development ofenergy-efficientlighting control systemof roadssuch asthe cybernetic» was participate student of group RET-08-4 Zhanapin A. with report «Ergonomics».

Attention graduates of departments of Energy and the APP 5B070200 specialty “Automation and Control” and 5B071800 “Power Engineering “! April 24, 2012 at 10:00 am in audience № 136 of the main building KSTU head of educational department of the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Sergey Leonov will hold a consultation with a view to admission masters TPU specialty “Automation and Control”. Exam will be held on 26-27 April 2012.

April 20, 2012 а meeting of the section “Technical Physics” Interuniversity Student Scientific Conference “Innovation in Engineering, Technology and Education” (April 19-20, 2012.). As a result, heard 15 reports.

Recommended for promotion:

for I place – students Peremazova Maria Mikhailovna, KSTU, oz NIB-11-2; Belogolovsky Ekaterina, KSTU, gr. NIB-11-2 Scientific hands.: Art Teacher. Department of Physics, Julia Kuznetsova;

II place for the student Baқyt Sultan Beғdatuly, gr. MET-11-2 Scientific hands.: Associate Professor, Department of Physics Faculty of mathematical sciences. Mazhenov Nurlan Ahmetchanovich;

for the III place – a student Vyacheslav S. Ignatyev. Scientific hands.: Art Teacher. Department of Physics, Tatiana Ennovna Dream.

Recommended for publication in the journal “Proceedings of the University”:
Dalіkulova JM, Nurlybay BN “Shagylgan and dispersiondyk prizmanyn azhyratkysh kabіlettіlіgі”; Peremazova MM, ES Belogolovsky “Running through the virtual laboratory practical experiment.”

April 20, 2012 at the Department of Energy conducted Intercollegiate Student Conference “Innovations in Technology, Technology and Education” (April 19-20,2012.). Section 18, “Power Engineering and Heat Engineering.” The results of the conference:

I place – students Belgibaev Arman Sayatovich, Zhautikov Farhat Bahytovich , KSTU, gr. PE-10-2,  Manager Taranov A.V.

II place – student Zhabukov Kozhatay Dulatovich, gr. AaC-09-3, Manager Lisitsyn D.
III place – student Muratov Bekkeldі , KSTU, gr. PE-10-1, the researcher. Manager Kyzyrov KB; Bimagambet Zhansaya Serikbaevna, gr. PE-09-2, Manager Smagulova K.K.

20. 04. 2012 the TSC department specialty RET held Intercollegiate Student Conference “Innovations in Techniques, Technology and Education” (April 19-20, 2012.)

1st place – student Kaliaskarov Nurbol Baltabaevich, KSTU,  RET-08-2 group, supervisor Mehtiev A.D.

2nd place – student Zhanapin Arman Ualievich, KSTU, RET-08-4 group, supervisor Mehtiev A.D.

3rd place – student Proskuryakova Aleksandra Sergeevna, KSTU, RET 10-4 group, supervisor Eyrikh V. I.; Marchenko Anastasiya Aleksandrovna, KSTU, RET-10-3 group, supervisor Eyrikh V. I.

16-20. 04. 2012 CMQA conducted survey of students all courses of RET in order to identify the degree of compliance with university professors of ethics of relationships with students.

14.04.2012, students and lecturers of the Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation took an active part in city clean.

10.04.2012 Association of Germans in Kazakhstan «Wiedergeburg» awarded the job of senior lecturer Department of Physics, Kuznetsov Yu Certificate IV in busy place in the international language contest «Deutsch in meinem Heimatort».

2. 04. 2012 master students of  specialty “Power Engineering” of PEM-11-1 Neshina E.G., Voloshko I.V., Saruarov A.Z., Zhamlikhanova Y.S.  and Fomenko D.Y. seconded to St. Petersburg State Technical University for the passage of two weeks of training, master student PEM-11-1 Suleymanov S.R. sent on internship at the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University.

15.03.2012 students and teachers of ITEA took an active part in the conference on the 350th anniversary of Kazybek Be.

14.03.2012 was the exhibition of innovative projects KSTU, which was presented scientific development of the mine air-lifting system of Ph.D., professor of Nikolaev Y.A., with the Rakhimzhanov G.T – participation of Chairman of the Board of JSC «National Company Social-Entrepreneurship Corporation» «Saryarka» ( After the exhibition in the conference hall of the meeting, Mr. Rakhimzhanov with the heads of departments of KSTU, which resulted in a Memorandum of Cooperation with the SEC to implement KSTU research projects.

13.03.2012 was a meeting of the Rector KSTU Gazaliev A.M. with students of the Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation, which dealt with the successes and achievements of our students and postgraduates. The rector also invited students to participate more actively in scientific research departments and the university as a whole.

11.03. 2012 was a meeting of the Rector KSTU Gazaliev A.M. with the heads of departments to discuss plans and prospects for the development of scientific activity among students, faculty and staff of the university.

28.02.2012, in the KSU named E.A.  Buketov was a student festival “Daryndylardostastygy” in which a student of group RET-09-1 Sadubayuly Nurym won first place.

27.02. 2012 Company “D-Link” installed at the Department of TSС the stand on network technologies with reviews of equipment produced by D-Link – switches, wireless devices, equipment, IP-telephony, video surveillance solutions.

23.02. 2012 in 338 auditorium of main building  at 12.00 was held Scientific-practical seminar on the implementation of the Third National Contest of energy-saving technologies and  environmental protection’s ideas «Ergonomics of the future».

Resolution of the President of RAMS 22.02.2012 Smirnov Y.M,, head of the department of physics  and Professor of Kenzhin B.M. elected a foreign member of Russian Academy of Mining Sciences

20.02.2012, at Almaty Energy and Communications University were awarded the winners of republican competition IV projects among students and undergraduate students on energy saving in lighting, conducted by the company «Chevron», Almaty University of Energy and Communications and Public Foundation «RESD»:

• nomination for best project of a undergraduate student the work «The automated system of rational management of energy-efficient electric lighting» won 1st place (the authors are masters of group PEM-11-1 Zhamlikhanova Y., Suleymanov S., student of group MET-10-4 Dasayev R.);

• nomination for best student project work «Development of energy saving lighting control systems for cybernetic type of road» took 4th place (the authors are  students of group RET-08-4 Zhanapin A. and  Shestakov A.).

07.11.2011 Major 5B070200 “Automation and Control” won 1st place in the national rankings, 2011, conducted by the National Accreditation Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science.Specialties 5B071800 “Power engineering” and 5B071700 “Heat power engineering” took 2nd place in the same ranking.

Graduate  students of  group EEM11-1 Zhamlihanova Y.S., Suleymanov S.R. and Avilov I.D., as well as students of group RET-08-4 Shestakov A.E. and Zhanapin A.U. participated in the contest of projects on energy saving in lighting.

Organizers of the competition: the company “Chevron Munaigas” Nonprofit “Almaty University of Energy and Communication” (AUES) and public fund RESD.

The competition includes the following steps:

The first phase – the collection of applications for participation in the competition and pre-qualified participants.

Collection of applications by September 1, 2011. November 30, 2011.

The second stage – the selection of projects that meet the requirements of the competition, examination of entries.

Deadline – December 1, 2011 with. December 31, 2011.

The third stage (final) summing up, the award in 2 categories (undergraduate and graduate).

12.10. 2011 ITEA specialty 5B071800 «Power engineering» and 5B071700 «Heat power engineering» has successfully passed the State Certification test, where the average score was 98.2 with a degree and 98.52, respectively.

The agreement of innovative educational consortium “Corporate University” ITEA leadership and the department has entered into a letter of intent TCS with managers and professionals Ltd. “MTU Quartz” on the basis of which a branch of the Department of TCS. Was also specified plans of production and externship students of specialties 5B071900 “Radio Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications” on Ltd. “MTV Quartz.” There was support to attract leading experts Ltd. “MTU QUARTZ” to participate in the educational process by lecturing, developing guidelines and training materials in conjunction with PPC KSTU. Also stipulates the preparation of joint projects in R & D performance for contests on the state budget financing of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of ROK.

Graduate students  Sarbasov A.J. and Novikova  E.G. international exchange program are taught the fall semester 2011-2012 academic year at universities of Russia.

Assistant of  Department TCS Falaleeva O. is in six-month probation at the Novosibirsk State Technical University.