Museum room of the University added a new and quite valuable exhibit is a sculptural composition

Museum room of the University added a new and quite valuable exhibit is a sculptural composition, which gave the University the relatives of Anatoly Bilyk.

The name of Anatoly Petrovich Bilyk more than well known in Karaganda: his cutter out dozens of statues, most famous among them is the monument “miners glory”. Unfortunately, in July last year honored the sculptor passed away, aged 86 years. And recently, a part of his artistic legacy went to the Karaganda state technical University as a gratuitous gift.

Why the University? To answer this question is easy: a significant period in the life of Lyudmyla Bilyk, wife of deceased, was connected with this school.

— Lyudmila Nikolaevna forty years as we have in the library, through which passed thousands of students, — explained the rector of the University Arstan Gazaliyev. On behalf of our entire team I would like to thank her for the gift made by his heart!

The composition is represented by three sculptures made from plaster; two of them painted in bronze and depict Steelworkers at work, and the third represents the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

— Figures of metallurgists was established by his father in 2002, said Alexey Bilyk, son of Anatoly Petrovich. Is a reduced version of the model, the so-called intermediate stage of the sculpture. And her three-meter original made in bronze and installed in front of the historical and cultural center in Temirtau (monument “metallurg. — Approx. of the author). The statue of the President, as my mother says, appeared in 2000, and it is not a model, not a copy, and one of a kind work, there is no other. They stood for a long time in the workshop of my father, while on a family Council it was decided to transfer them from Polytechnic University.

Next to the plaster of the trio, which now adorns the Museum of honorary Professor of the University N. A. Nazarbayev, posted a sign, where three languages stated: “the Gift of the family of the sculptor Bilyk A. P.”. In addition, there will soon be photo of Anatoly Petrovich.