International standards in action

History and modern achievements of our university connected inextricably with the activities of the Head of state, its global initiatives and policy on socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan, including achievement of  the level of international standards in the field of higher education.

In pursuance of the order of Nursultan Nazarbayev one of the best in Kazakhstan laboratory of engineering profile was created on the basis of KSTU, which has recently become the winner of the Republican competition of the International Council for science and commercialization and received a grant from the International Bank in the amount of 2 million USD for creation of the International center for materials science. It is destined to become a key integrator of national stakeholders in the innovation system and promote international standards of research, development of cooperation with the international scientific community and industry.

Kazakhstan Welding Institute was also organized at KSTU, on the basis of which «Total» company started training in accordance with international standards on the programmes «International welder», «International welding practician» and «International engineer-welder IWE».
In the composition of functioning on the basis of KSTU Corporate University along with the backbone enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry of Kazakhstan, transnational companies, the leading scientific centers month ago included such giants of world automobile industry, as the Minsk tractor plant, holdings «BelAZ» and «Amkodor». The first thread of the second-year students of KSTU has already passed practice at the enterprises of the Minsk tractor plant in Belarus. It allowed the future specialists study the work of one of the flagships of the machine-building industry, exporting its products in 127 countries of the world, to learn to manage modern CNC machines and industrial robots, doing drawings on the computer, and also get a guarantee of employment in companies specializing in repair and maintenance of Belarusian machinery in Kazakhstan.

At the international industrial exhibition and forum “INNOPROM 2013” in Yekaterinburg (Russia) with the participation of the delegation of Karaganda regional akimat, scientists of KSTU began work on joint implementation of innovative projects in the field of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and alternative energy with the Ural Federal University, educational establishment of the RAS and the enterprises of Sverdlovsk region in the framework of cooperation between the industrial regions of the countries of the Customs Union.
Park of NC unique range of mining equipment, geodesic complex produced by Swiss company of Leica Geosystems, the industrial complex of the German-Austrian company FESTO, as well as unique welding systems manufactured in the USA, Sweden and Finland operate in five educational and scientific production associations and four centres of working professions act.
The idea and the impressive results of the activity of the innovative-educational consortium «Corporate University» aroused deep interest of representatives of Tomsk Polytechnic University, one of the leaders of the engineering education of Russia.Orientation of the educational process on international standards provides deep integration in the framework of the triad «education – science – innovations». For effective implementation of this modern paradigm innovative scientific-technical complex operates successfully at KSTU, which includes more than 50 research institutions, research laboratories and centers, small innovative enterprises. The volume of research, made these innovative units in 2012, 1.4 billion KZT.
For realization of the large-scale project in the field of «green technologies» on creation new energy industry in Kazakhstan, based on the industrial use of coal mine methane, KSTU created «Methane» centre under the guidance of the legendary miner, a scientist and a citizen – Professor Nikolai Drizhd. The project «Methane» was included in  “Roadmap for business-2020” and is designed to solve socio-economic problems of a number of industries in the country on the basis of the world’s largest reserves of methane, making up more than 4 trillion. m3. Not by accident in the U.S. methane is used in industry for several decades and is up to 10% of the total gas production, and serious research on the extraction of methane gas hydrate from the bottom of the ocean are held now in Japan.

Innovative project of scientists of KSTU has big prospects on creation of pilot production for processing of solid mineral waste industry, which has accumulated more than 34 billion tons in Kazakhstan, with the extraction of valuable metals.
Under the scientific supervision of Professor A. Borisenko were created and undergo laboratory tests unique prototypes of installations for cleaning of industrial gases, related to the category of absolute innovation at SRI of industrial ecology.
Scientists and specialists of the multidisciplinary Institute for reconstruction and development at KSTU are developing a large-scale project «Passive house in Kazakhstan», it is an example of realization of the global construction trend Green Building, and is based on the European standards of design and construction of energy efficient buildings. Specialists of the Institute elaborated 15 Republican normative-technical documents of construction based on Eurocodes, this year the works on the harmonization of the following 11 of normative-technical documents are held with international standards.

On June 14, 2013 KSTU signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the flagship of the national education and science – Nazarbayev University to develop jointly research and educational projects on the basis of using the potential of the world leading scientific centers and laboratories.
Drivers in solving the problems of education world are large international projects and programs with the participation of the various educational systems. KSTU actively participates in international educational projects TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, «synergy», the SCO University. KSTU is the only participant of international project «Synergy» in Kazakhstan, implemented under the auspices of the German-Austrian concern FESTO, and a basic University of SCO on topical areas of «Energy» and «Ecology»  which have great importance in preparation for the EXPO 2017.
On the basis of KSTU since 2011 successfully operates a branch of the Institute of Confucius on teaching Chinese language and culture of students and teachers, which cooperates closely with the University of Shihezi and Beijing University.

In recent years, KSTU was visited to conduct trainings, seminars and scientific advice by more than 200 leading scientists and experts from leading universities, included in
Top 20 and Top-500, according to the world rating, including  such recognized leaders in higher education, as Harvard and Hong Kong universities. Threatens to reverse under «Bolashak» programme and in the framework of academic mobility in the leading universities of the world were trained and passed scientific training more than a thousand students, graduate students and young teachers of KSTU, who successfully apply the experience of international best practice in Kazakhstan, including in the Alma mater. A number of graduates of the «Bolashak»programme, such as Zhandos Orazalin, after the completion of the master of the famous Massachusetts Institute of technology are studying in PhD.
Systematic work on academic exchange, study and introduction into research and educational process of the experience of world universities and Nazarbayev University gave a new impulse to the innovative development of KSTU on the basis of international standards.

Not by accident in the international ranking Webometrics KSTU website in January 2013 took the third place among Kazakhstani universities and prestigious 2 385 place among 20 000 universities in the world. In the rating of the Ministry of Education and Science of KSTU entered the top line of the Top 30 of the best universities of Kazakhstan, yielding only to the largest national universities. With 17 educational programs of the University have taken the lead, from the first to the third place in the national ranking. In the General ranking of the Independent Kazakhstan quality assurance Agency in education KSTU has taken a worthy third place among the technical universities of the country.
Inspiring incentive to the development of our multi-thousand team received when the first of December 2012, the first day of the national holiday – the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev visited KSTU, it’s evidenced by his own record made in the book of honorable guests of KSTU: «I am proud that studied at this educational institution – the forge of engineering staff for the whole of Kazakhstan».

June 20-21 at KSTU was held International scientific-practical conference «Science, education and production of the leading factors of the Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050» (Saginov readings), which were held on 14 round tables and panel discussions on innovative trends in the green economy and EXPO-2017 with the participation of more than 250 scientists and experts of the leading research centers and universities, representatives of manufacturing corporations in 24 countries, prominent public and state figures.
Following the results are often quite heated debates, discussions, moderators of which were the leaders of the backbone companies of the Corporate University, the deputies of Majilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan, prominent figures of science and big experts, adopted recommendations on the implementation of the priority tasks of the Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050», preparation for the EXPO 2017 and the transition to a green economy. These include a number of concrete initiatives and proposals to the Government of Kazakhstan in the development of the concepts of reforming the system of higher education, technical regulation in the construction industry of the country, on the transition to international standards. Also presented proposals in the implementation of major projects included in the Card of industrialization of RK and the «Roadmap for business-2030»: energy-efficient construction (project «Passive house in Kazakhstan») and to create alternative energy industries project «Methane»).

University and corporate partners prepared for the Ministry of Education and Science a package of relevant proposals, including those associated with the creation on the basis of KSTU International scientific-educational consortium of professional education.
Proposals on implementation of the Concept on transition of Kazakhstan towards a green economy, including the organization on the basis of Karaganda engineering consortium together with KSTU production of energy-intensive and energy-efficient products (wind and solar power plants, hydrodynamic units) were addressed to the industrial ministries.
Akimat of Karaganda region is a wide range of proposals on regional development, in particular the creation on the basis of KSTU educational cluster on preparation on the basis of international standards of highly qualified professional technical personnel of all levels to the needs of the region.
In the framework of planetary initiative of the Head of state of the G-Global prepared proposals related to the implementation of recommendations VI Astana economic forum on securing investment in infrastructure, sustainable development and improving financial literacy of all age groups of population in Kazakhstan.

In the conditions of tough global competition it’s impossible to consider innovational development of Kazakhstan, like any other country, without hulls of modern engineers. The professional should promptly and flexibly respond to a radical change in the nature, means of material production. To meet the new technological needs of the global knowledge economy he must possess a much wider range of key competences than traditional highly specialized development of scientific-technical and engineering disciplines. Every day  increasing awareness of the importance of technological innovation for the competitiveness of the economy and national security determine new priorities engineering activity.
The main objective of the Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050 – to make Kazakhstan one of the thirty most developed countries, progressing on the basis of innovative economic and social principles. On the basis of the new paradigm of the tasks of the knowledge and skills identified as key landmarks of the modern system of technical education.

However, in the preparation of specialists it is necessary to take into account the growing vector global economy – transition to «green energy» and implementation of «green» technologies.
Recently our longtime partner, Professor included in the top ten of the best universities in the world Hong Kong University Daniel Churchill expressed admiration with Kazakhstan in our conversation, its people and especially the President. Being born a Serb, he has acknowledged with regret that due to the lack of a strong leader, people of Serbia «was torn, and he, like many of his compatriots, forced to live and work outside the home. The Professor also noted that Kazakhstan has good fortune and a great future, because our country has such an outstanding and visionary leader, as Nursultan Nazarbayev. And in this connection I would like to note that the team of the KSTU endeavours to ensure maximum use of the created our President conditions for creating a national innovation system based on the enormous potential of the Corporate University and the best world practice.



Rector of Karaganda State Technical University, academician of NAS RK, laureate of the State Prize

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