Laboratory and classroom fund of the Department


Laboratory and auditorial fund of the department “Power system” for 2016-2017 year

Number of classroom, additional laboratory room Special audiences, laboratory and other names  Name of stands Discipline of applied equipment Total audience space, laboratories etc.
05-А Laboratory  “Installation and operation of electrical equipment” Stands: 3 –installation and operation of electrical installations,4–РЗ and А,5-power supply Basis of power supplyInstallation and operation of heat plants 48m2
05-B Laboratory of “Heat supply” Stand – Heating network Heat and power systems and electrical use,Reliability of heat engineering equipment 55 m2
05-V Laboratory  “Electrical equipment of stations and substations” 3 stands for equipment of stations and substations, 2 stands for electrical equipment Electrical equipment of stations and substations,Electrical equipment for general industrial enterprises,

Electrical equipment of normal enterprises

92 m2
104 Laboratory “Theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering and electrical measurements” 6 – stands on disciplines “Theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering” , “Electrical measurements”, “Information measuring technology”, universal complex based on РЕТОМ – 11М Theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering -1,2;TEC, Information measuring equipment,Overvoltage and insulation 42 m2
107 Laboratory “Electric machines and drive” Stands: 1 —Training laboratory for  EM и EP.  Electric cars,Electrical installations 40 m2
108 Lecture room Electrical and electronics, Heat-energy systems and  electrical use, TEC, Basis of heat supply, Transformers and motors  Theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering  – 1,2,Electromechanical installations of mining enterprises 62 m2 
109 Department 42 m2
111 Laboratory “Lighting, electronics and radio engineering”  Stands: 6 – Foundations of Industrial Electronics1 – Industrial lighting,

14 – computers.


Electric lighting,Electrical safety,

Electronics Virtual: TEC, Electrical engineering.

42 m2
112 Laboratory “Electric power industry” Stands: 2 — Training-laboratory stands Power supply, Electrical networks and systems, Transitional processes in the electric power industry 42 m2
114 Laboratory “Information technologies in power engineering” Stands: 3- Training-laboratory stands Information technologies in power engineering, electrotechnical material science, overvoltage of insulation, electrical stations and substations.Virtual: TEC, electrotechnical, ЭТМ 42 m2
115 Laboratory “Electromechanical equipment” Elevator layout – 1 piece.  Virtual: TEC,  Electrical engineering,Electrical equipment


40 m2
116 Lecture room Turbine plants, Electrical part of the station, Boiler plants and steam generators,  Information measuring equipment, Theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering  – 1,2, RZiA, Heat transfer systems, Special requests for electricity 70 m2




Head of the department  «Power systems» _______________Mehtiev A.D.