Innovation in the educational process

To ensure the educational process bachelor, including participants of the State program “Serpіn 2050″ teachers of the department Mazhenova NA, Smirnov YM and Kopbalinoy KB It prepared and published the textbook «Электр және электрониканың физикалық негіздері» Textbook recommended MON RK for undergraduate engineering schools.

учебник физика 2015

Lecturer, Department of Physics Smakova Nurgul Serikovna awarded the Diploma of Akim of Karaganda in the competition “Daryn – 2014″ in the category “Young Professional of the Year”.

Диплом премия Дарын

The team, consisting of students of lyceum № 53 Alibekov Ulugbek Kayratov Arman, as well as their leader, lecturer of Physics KSTU Smakova Nurgul, participated in the International Olympiad on Robotics World Robot Olympiad, which was held for the first time in Kazakhstan (Astana). Prepared by the project team in the “Trajectory” was awarded for the diploma of III degree, and team members received certificates and letters of appreciation MES. They also received an invitation to the International Olympiad in robotics among secondary school students in Sochi (Russia).

Участники олимпиады World Robot Olympiad англ

To realize the project of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayev’s “Atom” at the Department of Physics held Scientific Student Conference “Problems of the peaceful use of nuclear energy.” There were 10 reports. According to the jury recognized the winners:

I place – the student group OP- 14-1 Sagitaev T. (supervisor PhD Salkeeva AK);

II place-student group OP- 13-1 Blyal E. (supervisor Professor Smirnov YM);

III deposits student of GD 13-1 Suleimenova N. (supervisor Prof. Mazhenov NA).

For the best reports, students are awarded diplomas rector of KSTU.

Akimat of Karaganda region held an exhibition of technical creativity “Project Future” among students

 Физика Диплом  ФизикаПисьмо Смакова

For the project “Alternative energy sources: wind turbinediploma third degree awarded student Karaganda lyceum № 53 Alibeyov Ugulbek. Supervisor Smakova N.S. - Lecturer in Physics, awarded letter of thanks akimat of Karaganda region.



Commissioned by the Association of Universities RK teachers of the department completed a translation into the official language textbooks: “Mechanics negіzgі zandar”, “Electric zhane electronics”, “Zamanaui physics.

МЕХАНИКА негізгі зандар

Authors translation: Mаjеnоv N.А., Smirnоv Yu.М., Кеnjin B.М. ( Russian language)

Электр және электроника

Authors translation:
Маjеnоv N.А., Smirnоv Yu.М., Mаjеnоvа О.

Физика 2014

Authors translation:
Маjеnоv N.А., Smirnоv Yu.М., Smakova N.






Заманауи физика

Authors translation: Маjеnоv N.А., Каmbаrоvа J.Т., Mаjеnоvа О. (English)