Innovation in the educational process

In order to ensure the training process of bachelors, including participants of “Serpin-2050” State program, tutors of the Chair N.A.Mazhenov, Y.M.Smirnov and K.B.Kopbalina prepared and published the manual “Physical basis of electricity and electronics”. The manual was recommended to Bachelors by MSE of the RK.

Tutor of the Chair of Physics Smakova Nurgul Serikovna was awarded with Diploma of Akim of Karaganda in contest “Daryn – 2014” in nomination “Best young professional of the year”.

Crew, consisting from pupils of lyceum 53 Alibekov Ulugbek and Kairatov Aman, and their supervisor, teacher of the Chair of Physics of KarSTU Smakova Nurgul, participated in International contest by robotechniques World Robot Olympiad, which was conducted in Kazakhstan for the first time (Astana city). The project of the crew in nomination “Trajectory” won and was awarded the diploma of the III degree, and participants of the crew were given certificates and letter of thanks by MSE of the RK. Also they have been invited on International contest by robotechniques held between high schools in Sochi (Russia).

In order to realize “Atom”, the project of the First President of RK N.A.Nazarbayev, the Chair of Physics held scientific student conferension “Problems of peaceful usage of atom energy”. There were presented 10 reports. According to jury the winners were:

I place – student of OP-14-1 T.Sagitayev (supervisor candidate of Physical – Mathematical sciences A.K.Salkeyeva);

II place – student of OP-13-1 E.Blyal (supervisor professor Y.M.Smirnov);

III place – student of GD-13-1 N.Suleymenova (supervisor professor N.A.Majenov).

The best reports were awarded by charters of Head of KarSTU.


Akimat of Karaganda region conducted the exhibition of technical art “Project of future” among students and pupils.

 The Diploma of the III place was given to pupil of Karaganda lyceum-school 53 Alibekov Ulugbek for project “Alternate source of electr energy: wind generator”. Supervisor – N.S.Smakova – teacher of Chair of Physics was awarded by letter of thanks from Akimat of Karaganda region.

According to the order of Assosiation of High education institutes, teachers of the Chair translated the following manuals on state language:

  • “Basic rules of mechanics”,
  • “Electricity and electronics”,
  • “Modern physics”.