Head of the «Higher Mathematics»



Head of the Chair “Higher Mathematics”
Tutanov Serikpay Kuspanovich, HIGHER DOCTORATE Technical sciences (2002), Professor (2005), academician of International Academy of Informatization of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2004).

He was born in Semipalatinsk, in the family business September 10, 1946. Tutanov Serikpay Kuspanovich, in 1964, he graduated with a silver medal school number 7 in Karaganda. In the same year he entered the Kazakh State University in the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of the specialty “Mathematics” and graduated in 1969. Since 1969, he worked as assistant chair of theoretical mechanics of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. From 1970-1972 he served in the Soviet Army. 1972-1973 was worked as assistant chair of theoretical mechanics of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. 1973-1978, the city was an intern, a graduate student Department of Mineral Deposits of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. From 1978-2002 assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of materials strength KarPTI. In 1985 he defended his thesis, and in 2002 his doctoral dissertation. He is currently working chair “Higher Mathematics”.
The results of many years of creative activity Tutanova SK in more than 200 scientific papers, including Three monographs, 5 textbooks, 9 patents.
MAIN Academician SK Tutanov lot of time and gives to the training of young cadres. Numerous of his students are working in different parts of the country. He has supervised two PhD and five Masters.
Tutanov SK – Excellent Education Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1996), Honored Worker of KSTU (2003), winner of the grant “The best teacher of high school” in 2010 has a pin after Altynsarin (2009).

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Dyomin V.F., Tutanov S.K., Pavlov A.A., Dyomina T.V., Zhurov V.V.   Studying Stressed-and-Strained State of Contour Rocks Around  Development Workings // Kazakhstan Mining Journal №3, 2011

There have been established the strains of development workings supports depending on changing roof bolting length and diameter. The studies permitted to determine the extent of the mining-technological factors effect on the efficiency of using metal arch combined and roof bolting support of development workings.

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Dyomin V.F., Tutanov S.K., Steflyuk Yu.Yu., Dymina T.V., Dyomin V.V. Dynamics of Changing Stresses in Countries near Working Depending on Mining-Technological Factors // Kazakhstan Mining Journal №4, 2011

There has been studied stressed-and-strained state, manifestation of mining pressure, conditions of supporting working depending on mining-technological and technological parameters. The studies permitted to establish the extent of the seam inclination angle and the depth of anchoring effect on the efficiency of using roof bolting in development workings. The results of the experimental measuring of shifts in workings showed their relative convergence with the studies carried out on analytical models.

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Dyomin V.F., Tutanov S.K., Zhurov V.V., Dyomin V.V. Comparative Evaluation of Calculated and Experimental Strain Parameters in Enclosing Rocks when Using Roof Bolting // Kazakhstan Mining Journal №5, 2011

The revealed laws of changing coal stressed-and-strained state in enclosing rock masses depending on mining-geological factors will permit in concrete conditions of use to establish the rational parameters of supporting countries for increasing development mining workings stability.

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