Rsaldin Erlan

International Presidential Scholarship “Bolashak” is the “ticket” to successful future! I think that this scholarship is a great support from our President, our country. I am so much grateful to Nursultan Abishevich for giving an opportunity to young people to study at the best universities of developed countries.Before becoming the scholarsip holder, I went through certain steps to achieve my goal. All started from my school for gifted children “Murager”. I think that was there where I got such qualities as single-mindedness, patience and persistence. At that very moment of my life I decided to train strong “I” in myself. I learned to be objective in assessment of the world and myself, to analyze what happens around me correctly and to give logical explanation to everything.

I participated in regional, national, academic competitions and won prizes on behalf of the school. I graduated from music school, by class dombra. I was in the national team of Kazakhstan at the XII International tournament “Computer Physics” and VII International Competition “Computer art” in Russia. Our team won the bronze medal. After this competition I decided to study in the field of information technology. After finishing school with excellent marks, I entered Karaganda State Technical University by grant. Using this case I want to thank our KSTU rector A.M. Gazaliev and the Department of International Cooperation for their support and for the timely submission of information on the programme Bolashak.

I am sure that received knowledge at university will help me to represent our Kazakhstan!

As the owner of presidential scholarship “Bolashak”, I wish all future applicants overcome all difficulties bravely and persistently. Believe in yourself, in your power and everything will be fine! I wish to see the aim and not to see complications! Good luck!

Rsaldin Erlan student FIT-08-1, Department of Information Technology, Karaganda State Technical University