Embassy of China in the Republic of Kazakhstan announces a competition for the best article!

In September of this year, President of PRC Si Tsinping in his speech at Nazarbayev University told three stories about contacts between the peoples of China and Kazakhstan, which caused extensive feedback in public. In order of further strengthen the mutual understanding between the Chinese and Kazakh peoples and identify large exciting stories about the friendship of two peoples, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Kazakhstan announces a competition for the best article «My history with China». The winners of the contest will get opportunities to receive a scholarship for annual education in China, free five-day trip in Sanya, a laptop, a smartphone, etc. Embassy welcomes your active participation! The best articles will be published on the website of the Embassy and Newspapers. Requirements to the work are following:

1. The topic of the article you can choose at your discretion, as the subtitle – My story with China.
2.Articles must be connected about friendly contacts between people of two countries. You can talk about what we saw, heard and your experiences, if you have lived, worked, studied or traveled in China. You can write about interesting or touching stories related to China or the Chinese people. Content should be positive, useful and valid.
3. Competition is open to all the citizens of Kazakhstan, as representatives of government agencies. Media, business, literary and academe, scientists and specialists, as well as Chinese Diaspora residing in Kazakhstan.

4.Language of the article: Russian.

5.Form of the work is not limited. Text should be concise and informative.
6. For participation in competition send your work on E-mail: zwbs2013@mail.ru specifying the name and contacts, and attach a photo and resume. Specify if you wish to study in China.
7.Works will be accepted until November 15.
8.Embassy will be eligible for storing and exhibiting, publication and dissemination of articles, participating in the contest.
9.For further information, please contact the http://kz.chineseembassy.org/rus/  .