Education plan for 2017-2018 year




                                                                                                  Vice-rector in Educational Process

                                                                                                    «_______»_____________2017 year.



Educational process

 Faculty of «Kazakh Language and Culture» for 2017-2018s years.


Event names Execution Period Responsible persons
1. Literary and musical evening «Ана тілім – арым бұл» dedicated to the languages day in Kazakhstan September 2017 year M.A. Khasen

G.M. Abylkhasov


2. Informative lessons in ethnographical museum under the motto «Познай язык через культуру» September-December    2017 year Professorial teaching  Staff


3 Establishing science articles via mass media in townish, regional and republican measures during the year During the year Professorial teaching  Staff


4 Scientific researches section’s patriotic focused work named «Мәдени мұра» During the year N.T. Nygmetova

G.S. Baypelova


5. Cultural and ethnographical section’s labor «Ұлттық тәрбие тағылымы» During the year G.M. Abylkhasov


6. Literary and musical evening «Менің Отаным тәуелсіз Қазақстан» dedicated to celebration of Republic of Kazakhstan’s Independence Day December 2017 year K.M.Khamzina


7. Olympiad between faculties «Қазақ тілін білгенің  – өз еліңді сүйгенің». February 2018 year N.T. Nygmetova

G.S. Baypelova

8. Literary and musical evening «Хош келдің, жыл басы» dedicated to the Nauryz fiesta March 2018 year K.Z.Shabdenova


9. Literary and musical evening «Жүрегі бірдің-тілегі бір» dedicated to the celebration of people’s unity day in Kazakhstan April 2018 year N.M. Aubakirov


10. Literary and musical evening «Елімнің тірегі-ұланым» dedicated to the day of Defenders of Fatherland and a Great Victory May 2018 year S.A.Zhetisbay


11. Informative lesson «Мақтанышым -ел рәмізі» dedicated to the celebration of symbolism in Republic of Kazakhstan May 2018 year К.К.Nurzhanova





Head of department KL&C, candidate of philology,

assistant professor                                                                        K.S. Kalybekova



Responsible person to the educational

process in KL&C faculty                                                            G.S. Baypelova