“Bir shanyrak astynda” the festival of the peoples of Kazakhstan

November 21, 2015 at the Palace of students “Zhastar Alemi” was held a festival dedicated to the Friendship of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Bir shanyrak astynda”.
As noted by our President N.A.Nazarbayev: “Prosperity of our work depends on the ability to appreciate what we have. If you imagine Kazakhs as Shanyrak of the Yurt, all the ethnic groups in our country uyk, which holds Shanyrak” – the concert was a purpose to all nationalities living in Kazakhstan living under an open sky and a blue flag.
This event was attended by students groups ГПР-15-1, С-15-1 and РЭТ-15-1, students on the program “Serpin 2050”. Each team tried to show the culture and traditions of other nationalities, including Russian and Uzbek peoples.