Articles published by the faculty of Institute of telecommunication, power and automatic equipment for July-August, 2012

Department Author(s)’s name Name of article Country, name of magazine, number, year Impact-factor of magazine
APP Em G.A.,

Kaverin V.V.

Voytkevich S.V.

Features of the organization of research work in the conditions of modern technical college Russia, Electromechanics, №4 2012 г. 0,146
Em G.A.

Makarenko N.V.

Kostrov O.O. (student of group AaM-08-3)

Imitating modeling of the tiristorny electric drive of a direct current at power supply from a source of commensurable capacity Russia, Electrics, №8, 2012
Kochkin A.M. Control system of sales of educational services of a higher educational institution Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Avdeev L.A. Mathematical description of object of aero gas control and management Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Avdeev L.A. Research of peak and frequency properties of objects of aero gas control of coal mines Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Breydo I. W.,

Bulatbayeva Yu. F.,

Kritskiy A.B.,

Parshina G.I.

Feshin B.N.

Methodology of the international distance learning in «Automatization and management» (part 1) Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Druzhinin V.M. (Master student of group EEM-11-1),

Kochkin A.M.

Renewable sources of energy in Kazakhstan: problems and prospects Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Avdeev L.A. Determination of duration of tests of the automated monitoring systems Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Smagulova K.K.,

Tohmetova K.M. (student of group АaM-09-1),

Bakhiyt M. (student of group АиУ-09-1)

Мехатроника жене роботтык техниканын. Кешепа мен бупнпа Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Energy Voronov E. N. («МЕЭТЕХ» Ltd),

Korabeynikova V.K.,

Dvuzhilova S.N.,

Kaydanovich O. Yu.

The energy saving heatexchange TOM-1 module working at low-grade coals Kazakhstan, University works, №2, 2012 0,063
Korabeynikova V.K.,

Voronov E. N. («МЕЭТЕХ» Ltd)

Energy saving model of the heating copper working at low-grade coals of polyfractional structure Kazakhstan, Bulletin of KSU
TSC Glotov B.N.,

Kadirov A.S.,

Bulatbayev F.N.,

Mekhiyev A.D.

Design of hydraulic manual hammers Russia, Coal, №6- 2012 0,357
Bulatbayev F.N.,

Mekhiyev A.D.


Method of restoration of plugs of lever transfer of a brake mechanism of a mine hoist engine Russia,  Mountain equipment and electromechanics, №7 2012 0,16
Portnov V.S.

Yurov V.M.

Tuesunbayeva A.K.

Kamarov R. K.

Mekhiyev A.D.

Oringozhina S.E.

Questions of optimization of crushing of persistent ores Russia, Basic researches, №9 2012 Часть 1
Akashev Z.T.

Mekhiyev A.D.

Ugay V.V.

Optimum algorithm for creation of block diagrams of conveyors with traction body Kazakhstan, Bulletin of KSTU №2 (66)/2012 Series of the physicist