Scientific research plan of the Department of Physics

for 2013-2014 academic year





Responsible persons

Performance evaluation


Execution of НИОКР:

1.1.    The development of the theory and the creation of three-dimensional hydraulic machines of shock and pulsation action


1.2. Development and research of the physical properties of high-temperature superconducting films prepared by laser ablation

1.3. Formation of films of semiconductor materials on a metal substrate


1.3. Improvement of techniques, preparation, analysis of research and organization of computer testing of students

1.4. Execution of economic contract work “Development of baseline data for the realization of  technology of  energy-efficient building ” Passive House “

3, 4 qu. 2013-
1 qu. 2014


4 qu. 2013-
2 qu. 2014


1 qu. 2014



2 qu.





4 qu. 2013-
2 qu. 2014



Yu.M. Smirnov




Ye. Khuanbai




N.A. Mazhenov




Yu.M. Smirnov





Yu.M. Smirnov

М.А. Zhurunova



Preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff

2.1 Preparing a doctoral (PhD) dissertation – Sherov А.К.


June 2014

Yu.M. Smirnov



Publication of the results of SRW

3.1. Preparation of monographs – Innovative technologies in pulsed processes of science and technology “.

3.2. Publishing articles – 14

3.3. Participation in Conferences – 10

4 qu. 2013-
2 qu. 2014

Yu.M. Smirnov, academic staff



Inventive activity.

Submission of applications – 1 application for innovative patent

Registration of IP – 2 applications




Yu.M. Smirnov, academic staff



International activities

Signing a memorandum of cooperation:

– Preparation of a memorandum of cooperation with the IPKON RAS (Russia) and LLP “Geomark” (Karaganda)


Febraury 2014


Yu.M. Smirnov,



Research work with students By the plan of RWS

А.А. Morozov



Other kinds of scientific work:

– Preparation of applications for grant funding;

– Participate in contests MES RK on basic and applied projects



Yu.M. Smirnov, academic staff