15 May 2017 — Yerlan Koshanov proposed to form a scientific and technical сouncil

Akim of Karaganda region Yerlan Koshanov met with scientists. The problems of science, the issues of development of cooperation with industry were discussed at the meeting. The head of the region suggested the scientific community to contribute to the implementation of the program for the modernization of public consciousness.

“The scientific potential of Karaganda region has always been powerful. It is the merit of our scientists. Today, thanks to the initiatives of the President, we have new opportunities before us. A lot of work on the development of innovative technologies in all sectors of the economy is waiting for us. In implementing the tasks for the modernization of public consciousness there is a large field of cooperation” – Yerlan Koshanov said.

The rectors of both universities spoke about the work of the universities. The scientists shared their ideas. Karaganda State Technical University is ready to help the region in the implementation of digital technologies in the industry. E.A. Buketov Karaganda sState University this year plans to publish three math books in Latin. Historians of this University have proposed to organise EXPO 2017 tours for guests to archaeological sites.

The specialists suggested their help in the forecasting of flood situations in the field of robotics. The issues of rehabilitation of cancer patients, the development of domestic pharmaceuticals were raised at the meeting.

All of these issues deserve attention, akim of the region said. In some aspects he assigned to organize a separate meeting. A relevant working body is in need for a closer connection with science, the head of the region considers.

“Let’s create a scientific-technical council or some other advisory body. We will jointly decide how to implement the achievements of science into production. Each session can be carried out on the basis of the particular University” Yerlan Koshanov said.

Akim urged the scientists to support the program “Tugan Zher”, initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev by personal example. “We can develop scientific patronage. Let each of you go to native home school, will give a lecture or organize a course of lessons”, – Yerlan Koshanov said to the heads of universities and professors.