Cleaning schedule in a hostel №1, Serpіndester Horde

Head. Chair of TCC
_________________ Yugay VV
“22” August 2016




duty of teachers and staff of the Department of TCC in dormitories KSTU

for the period from 1 to September 30, 2016



№ п/п date FULL NAME. employee Dormitory
22.09.2016 year teacher Anuarbek Kuanyshbek Bahtiyaruly «Серпіндестер Ордасы»
23.09.2016  year Senior Lecturer Alimov Murat Shyngysovich №1
26.09.2016 year Senior Lecturer Kshalova Aigul Amzeevna №1




Ст.куратор кафедры ТСС                                       Белик Г.А.