Event which is dedicated to the 1st of December World AIDS day

In accordance with the message of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev about the “Healthy Lifestyle ” comprehensive program.  BGD 15-1, BGD 15-2, BGD 15-3, GD 15-7, GD 16-2, GD 16-8 groups were actively involved.  KGMU students showed the presentation in accordance with the message of the Head of the State about the increasing of the life quality. They reported on causes of AIDS and modern methods of diagnosis.  An interactive quiz was held during which students were given the AIDS prevention pamphlets.   “Mine aerology and labor protection” department of mining faculty of KSTU and “Morphology and Physiology” department of  fundamental faculty of KSMU  jointly organized an event for the prevention of drug abuse, tobacco abuse, alcohol addiction and AIDS in conjunction with the World AIDS day.  Also, students of KSTU were provided with the information about the interactive cuisine and current  Some musical numbers were performed during the event.  Our students responded with the words of gratitude to KSMU students for such great event.